Partnering with Lusix means partnering not just with a diamond company, but with the Landa Group’s 1,600 brilliant scientists and engineers who employ invention and technological innovation to transform industries and to making our world a better place to live. They are passionate about ful lling Landa Labs’ mission of creating “Big Things from Small Particles”.

Lusix is proud of its equal opportunity employment policy which fuels its diverse, extraordinary and energetic team. The Lusix team is comprised of men and woman from all walks of life and all segments of Israeli society – Jews, Arabs, immigrants from Europe, Russia, North Africa and North America. They all share a passion for creating a strong, viable, rewarding and sustainable enterprise, positioning Lusix and Israel at the forefront of the lab- grown diamond industry.

Partnering with Lusix means having the greatest and most revolutionary team in the industry, working as one, at the cutting edge of technology.

Desire is the seed of perfection.™

To be the choice of lab-grown diamonds for brands, designers and high-end retailers who share our passion for perfection.



Pioneer of digital printing at Indigo (acquired by HP in 2002), now at Landa, Benny continues his visionary pathway – pioneering futuristic nanotechnology applications in the fields of imaging, energy and health. His vision for the future also includes investment in promising Israeli technologies, and philanthropic activities that enable underprivileged youth to gain access to higher education. Benny has a portfolio of over 800 patents worldwide and is the printing industry’s and Israel’s most prolific inventor. Recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the imaging industry’s prestigious Edwin H. Land medal, he has also been awarded numerous lifetime achievement awards and honorary doctorates.

Dr. Silviu Reinhorn


Silviu holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Silviu brings with him 20 years of experience in business and R&D management, as well as vast experience in strategic planning and business development. He worked at Applied Materials for ten years, fulfilling various R&D and business development executive positions. In addition, Silviu held the following positions: CEO of El-Mul Technologies, a company that develops and manufactures customized detectors for scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam systems; CEO of XJet Solar, a company that developed digital printers with conductive ink for solar panels metallization; CTO and EVP of Dip-Tech and VP R&D of Mirage Innovations.

Dr. Yossi Yayon


Yossi leads Research and development at Lusix. Yossi previously served as the VP of Alternative Energy Systems at Landa Labs. Yossi joined Landa Labs to focus on applying nanotechnology in the field of clean energy, following a longstanding successful academic career in physics, beginning at Israel’s Technion and continuing at the Weizmann Institute where he earned his PhD. In the course of his post-doctorate work at the University of California, Berkeley, Yossi helped pioneer a way to measure the spin of a single atom, a nanoscale system that can do digital duty – an important step en route to the realization of quantum computers.

Koby Valdman


Koby brings to his role 40 years of experience in R&D and management in a variety of industries. He began his professional career developing flight test systems and space technology. Moving to the printing industry, he first joined Indigo where for eight years he developed color grinding and new digital printing systems, and then Creo as North American technical support manager for direct imaging in the printing circuit board field. In the dental industry, Koby served as a worldwide service support manager for simulation and guidance systems for dental implantation surgery. At Landa Labs, Koby is COO, and in that role, supports Landa Group companies, such as Lusix.

Itay Uncig


As CFO, Itay manages finances at Lusix and at affiliated Companies in the Landa Group. Itay has 15 years of leadership experience in finance, investments and planning. He joined the Landa Group in 2012 and previously served as the Finance Manager for Landa Digital printing, where he established the finance department and managed the annual operational budget process. Prior to that, he worked at leading technology companies, including Intel, Amdocs and HP Indigo, where he managed finance for the Asian division. Itay holds an MBA from the Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv University and a B.A. in Economics with a Minor in Business Administration from Ben Gurion University.

Leon Belenkov

VP System Manufacturing

Leon brings to this role over 20 years of experience in management positions in a variety of industries. Leon managed LVT (formerly Odem’s Vacuum Technology Division) for 5 years, served as CEO of Apogey Metal, a Russian industrial company, and worked at Applied Materials for 10 years, where he served in a variety of roles in supply chain management. Leon has a BA in Management.

Yigal Rozval

VP System Manufacturing

Yigal is responsible for the Lab Grown Diamonds Machines development. Yigal is leading a team of technology experts who constantly looking for revolutionary solutions for the next generation of machines, growing high-quality diamonds in the most Eco-friendly ways.

Prior to joining Lusix, Yigal worked for 9 years as R&D and Mechanical engineering manager in Xjet Solar and 3D printers, responsible for defining the architecture of novel machines – Ink Jet Solar Panel printer and 3D Metal printer.

Prior to that Yigal worked for 11 years in Applied materials as mechanical engineering and project manager, taking part of the development teams for Laser and SEM based wafer inspection machines for semiconductor industry.

Yigal holds B.Sc. degree in Mechanical engineering from Technion and M.Sc. degree from Tel-Aviv University in Electro-Mechanical systems engineering.

Tamir Rais

VP Crystal Manufacturing

Tamir is responsible for the Lab Grown Diamonds production process. Tamir leads the largest department in Lusix, overseeing all aspect of the creation process, including the preparation of the seed, the growing process, the cutting and the polishing of the diamonds.
Tamir has more than 15 years’ experience in the high-tech industry with Lean methodology, quality, supply-chain, maintenance, finance, and processes improvements.
Before joining Lusix, Tamir managed the manufacturing plants and supply chain activity of Stratasys IL – systems & consumables, which established manufacturing plants at IL and US and led several global projects.

Tamir has BSc in polymers engineering and holds PMP diploma.

Adi Goldansky

Director of Human Resources

Adi manages Lusix’s Human Resources department and brings to her role at Lusix over 10 years of Human Resources experience working for leading Hi-Tech companies. Adi is responsible for recruitment, human resources, welfare and operations, utilizing her vast experience recruiting and assessing candidates as well as managing the process end-to-end in a demanding environment and under a lot of pressure. Adi is Exceptionally dedicated professional with keen interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, as well as budget management, policy development, and resource allocation expertise. Adi has an MBA, specializing in Human Resources Management and Organizational Consulting.

Daniel Kahn

VP of Business Development

Daniel is the VP of business development for Landa Labs and in that role, manages the business development of Lusix. Daniel is responsible for managing strategic partnerships and growth initiatives as well as supporting both strategic planning and implementation. Daniel brings to his role 10 years of experience in strategy, finance and growth management. Prior to this role, Daniel led strategy consulting engagements in the Ag-tech, Pharma and Consumer Product space at Monitor Deloitte Israel. Prior to that, Daniel managed a US-based jewelry company, supplying jewelry to leading retailers such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kohls and more. Daniel holds an MBA majoring in strategic management and a BA in behavioral economics from IDC Herzliya