Our Proprietary Special Growing Process has been perfected over the past 8 years. Our lab-grown diamonds — all graded by top gemological institutes — are grown with the world’s most scientifically advanced technology. We use equipment and processes developed exclusively by our own scientists and engineers to create cultured treasures of stunning clarity and perfection.


LUSIX is a Trusted Supplier Who Delivers – We are a consistent supplier of high yield diamonds based on our advanced facility with automated monitoring and control systems. We have added tens of machines on-line and are building more every month.
LUSIX is a pilot member of SCS Global Services Sustainably Produced consumer-facing claim program. The program will enable retailers to use the Sustainably Produced claim on their packaging and in their advertising of LUSIX diamonds (loose or set in jewelry).
Partnering with LUSIX means you would not just be associating with another diamond company, but with the LANDA GROUP’s, the parent company of LUSIX, 1,600 brilliant scientists and engineers.
Working with the most creative team in the diamond industry, you will have full collaboration and transparency from LUSIX’S R&D and Gemology departments, sharing with you LUSIX’S experience and know-how, enabling you to always be a step ahead.


A New Benchmark for


Fusing the beauty of nature with the power of science™, LUSIX is a vertically integrated prime grower of diamonds. We design, build and operate our own diamond growing machines. We have a large in-house R&D team staffed by Ph.Ds., engineers, scientists, and technicians. Our R&D team has been perfecting the LUSIX Proprietary Special Growing Process over the past 8 years.

The New Touchstone in Luxury

Fusing the beauty of nature with the power of science.

Our groundbreaking diamonds don’t come from the ground

With proprietary state-of-the-art technology and scientific expertise, LUSIX is the ultimate source for high-yield lab-grown diamonds. We spend our days nurturing the growing process from thin fragile seeds to beautiful 1-5 carat diamonds that will give our customers some of the highest yield lab-grown diamonds in the world.


With a stellar track record of disrupting major markets, from printing to energy to beauty, the LANDA GROUP is now poised to revolutionize the diamond industry. As a thought leader, tech pioneer and partner to forward-thinking businesses and brands, the LANDA GROUP is ushering in a new benchmark for accessible, inspired luxury at the intersection of science and nature. Above all, the LANDA GROUP and LUSIX are dedicated to honoring the artistry and cultural importance of diamonds by enhancing their accessibility in today’s ever-evolving market.

The Desire for Diamonds. The Perfection of Science.™

We are reigniting desire among new generations of discerning, value-driven consumers who crave objects of quality and integrity. LUSIX strives to fulfill their diamond dreams with well-priced, high-grade exquisite gems that sparkle with meaning and truly embody the multifaceted brilliance of modern desire.

We Are Ushering In

A New Era of Diamonds

LUSIX was founded by visionary entrepreneur and prolific inventor Benny Landa, the father of digital printing, and is part of the LANDA GROUP’S portfolio of industry-transforming companies. LANDA LABS, the Group’s Israel-based incubation and innovation hub, comprises some 150 chemists, physicists, materials scientists and nanotechnology experts, all committed to creating “Big Things from Small Particles.”
It was while working at LANDA LABS that LUSIX co-founder and CTO, Dr. Yossi Yayon, developed the company’s remarkable technology for growing diamonds.
The LANDA GROUP has a track record of disrupting major industries, from digital printing and graphic metallization to hair coloring and automotive coatings — and now diamonds. LUSIX is dedicated to honoring the artistry and cultural importance of diamonds by enhancing their accessibility in today’s ever-evolving market.
LUSIX is proud of its equal opportunity employment policy which fuels its diverse, extraordinary and energetic team. The LUSIX team is comprised of men and women from all walks of life and all segments of Israeli society – Jews, Arabs and immigrants from Europe, Russia, North Africa and North America. They all share a passion for creating a strong, viable, rewarding and sustainable enterprise, positioning LUSIX and Israel at the forefront of the lab-grown diamond industry.

Meet the Management Team
A Message From Benny 

“LUSIX strives to offer diamond dealers, cutters, polishers, jewelry manufacturers and retailers the opportunity to attract the ever-growing number of consumers who seek to buy lab-grown diamonds. LUSIX is a leading source for rough diamonds, featuring a unique shape, an exceptional quality, and a remarkably high yield, as well as certified, polished lab-grown diamonds at a price point that is rewarding for all.”


LUSIX In the Media

LUSIX is proud to join a 3rd party audit of our environmental, social, and governance performance.
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LUSIX’s founder Benny Landa on the creation of LUSIX.
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September 2019: LUSIX exhibits at the Hong Kong Jewelry Show officially introducing it’s products to the industry

May 2019: Lusix attends JCK 2019 with an exclusive by-invitation-only preview to select diamond businesses.

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